Company Overview


Company Overview

Medisyn Technologies develops pre-qualified proprietary drug compounds. Our platform, Forward Engineering™, is focused on predicting the behavior of molecules from their topology (structural characteristics). We can analyze and optimize currently existing drugs or develop new drug candidates for our partners and ourselves.

Our breakthrough in silico (computer) technology helps our clients design new or improved drug candidates faster and more effectively than they can themselves. We also provide testing and analysis services to predict safety (the ADME/Toxicity properties) and efficacy of compounds. Our predictive accuracy is greater than 85% for bioactive compound identification - a truly phenomenal accomplishment.

Pharmaceutical companies spend $50 Billion annually in research and development of new drugs. On average, these companies are screening 400,000 compound candidates just to get to a single commercially viable drug. The average cost of the current process is over $800 million per drug.

By utilizing Medisyn's Forward Engineering™ technology, pharmaceutical companies can save up to 9 years and $300 Million in traditional research and development costs per drug developed. Over the past year alone, Medisyn's platform has produced patent-pending compounds for disease treatments or health promotion in multiple therapeutic areas.



Corporate Management

David Land
Chief Executive Officer

David is a senior executive with diverse experience in general management, sales, marketing, customer care, IT and operations. He has an extensive international background working with Fortune 50 and start-up companies alike. Before Medisyn, David was Vice President with Jostens, an $800 million achievement recognition and celebration events company. David held executive roles with Lenox, Inc. in operations, IT and sales after beginning his career in a variety of systems engineering positions. He earned a diploma (equivalent to bachelor's degree) from Seminaire Adventiste du Saleve in France following studies in mathematics at Loma Linda University, California and studies in mathematics, physics and chemistry at Bournemouth Junior College in England.

Board of Directors

Kevin Lynch - Chairman
CEO, Volerro Corporation

Henry A. Cousineau III - Director
President, Entropy Solutions, Inc.

Mark Kroll, Ph.D. - Director
former Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, St. Jude Medical, Inc.

David Land - Director
CEO, Medisyn Technologies

Jack Meyer - Director
former CEO of Urologix, Fiberoptic Sensor Technology, Carelink

Steven Pederson - Director
Partner, Sherpa Partners LLC

Ian Troup - Director
former COO, Upsher-Smith

Scientific Advisory Board

James E. Brewer
Brewer Consulting

Arkadiusz Dudek, M.D., Ph.D.
Medical Director of Clinical Trials for the University of Illinois Cancer Center

Dr. Jorge Gálvez
Senior Professor of Pharmacy, University of Valencia
Ph.D. Chemistry
Molecular Topology & Physical Chemistry

Dr. Kim Janda
Professor, Department of Chemistry
The Scripps Research Institute

Dr. Christopher A. Lipinski
Senior Research Fellow, Pfizer Global R&D (retired)

Thomas R. Parr, Jr., Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer, Spero Therapeutics

Dr. George Wilcox
Professor of Pharmacology, University of Minnesota Medical School
Ph.D. Bioengineering
Pharmacology & Pain, Bioengineering



Medisyn Technologies is a valued research partner committed to providing biotech partners and research collaborators with scientific support in bioactive compound and extract development projects in the areas of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, animal health, and agrichemical via development agreements, strategic alliances and long-term partnerships.

Medisyn is able to assist companies of all sizes with their needs - from novel drug and bioactive ingredient screening to lead optimization to de novo design.

A few of our valued customers:

Research and licensing collaboration with Kraft Foods Global Inc. to discover effective bioactive ingredients suitable for food use.

 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I grant from the Department of Defense (DoD) to discover and develop new non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) with reduced gastrointestinal toxicity. 


Collaboration for the development of novel β-amyloid (Aβ) lowering drugs as a treatment in Alzheimer’s disease. In vitro evidence substantiates that Medisyn's technology was successful in building a predictive model for Aβ-lowering activity. Validated and characterized lead compounds will be out-licensed to pharmaceutical companies for further clinical development. Commercialization rights will be shared between MSSM and Medisyn Technologies. 





Discovery collaboration for the development of small molecules targeting inflammatory and neurological diseases. The collaboration is based on the discovery technology platforms available at each company and will serve to develop pre-clinically validated lead compounds within joint and airway inflammations as well as Multiple Sclerosis, pain relief and Parkinson’s Disease. 

Multi-year strategic alliance to accelerate the discovery and development of natural, non-prescription compounds focused on disease prevention. 







Collaborative research agreement Invitrogen’s Drug Discovery Solutions group extends an earlier working relationship between the two companies. This collaboration builds upon a previously successful evaluation with Invitrogen’s GibcoTM subsidiary in which Medisyn’s predictive technology was applied to the areas of cell culture media improvement. The results discovered in the GibcoTM project were nonobvious and indicated that Medisyn’s technology could be practically applied to specialty media development. This latest research agreement called for the use of Medisyn’s molecular topology-based Fast Forward EngineeringTM platform to optimize chemical modulators of kinase function.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Medisyn has created intellectual property for clients in a number of therapeutic areas. In addition, Medisyn has an IP portfolio of its own oncology candidates that are available for out-license. 

DescriptionCountry of IssueDateSerial NumberTherapeutic Category
Therapeutic agents and corresponding treatments (MT103 + 6 analogs)USJuly 19, 2005US 6,919,376NSCLC/PKC Inhibition
Therapeutic agents and corresponding treatments (MT103 + 6 analogs)CanadaApril 19, 2011CA 2,499,523NSCLC/PKC Inhibition
Therapeutic agents and corresponding treatments (MT103 + 6 analogs)JapanMarch 5, 2010JP No. 4469720NSCLC/PKC Inhibition
Therapeutic agents and corresponding treatments (MT103 + 6 analogs)FranceMarch 12, 2008EU Patent 02792178.2NSCLC/PKC Inhibition
Therapeutic agents and corresponding treatments (MT103 + 6 analogs)Germany March 12, 2008EU Patent 02792178.2NSCLC/PKC Inhibition
Therapeutic agents and corresponding treatments (MT103 + 6 analogs)Switzerland March 12, 2008EU Patent 02792178.2NSCLC/PKC Inhibition
Therapeutic agents and corresponding treatments (MT103 + 6 analogs)UK March 12, 2008EU Patent 02792178.2NSCLC/PKC Inhibition
Therapeutic agents and corresponding treatments (MT477 + analogs)USJanuary 26, 2010US 7,652,029lPancreatic/Ras Pathway
Therapeutic agents and corresponding treatments (additional analogs of MT477)US ContinuationJanuary 3, 2012US 8,088,785Pancreatic/Ras Pathway
Therapeutic agents and corresponding treatments (MT477 + analogs)CanadaPending2573190Pancreatic/Ras Pathway
Therapeutic agents and corresponding treatments (MT477 + analogs)JapanJuly 27, 2012JP No. 5049124Pancreatic/Ras Pathway
Therapeutic agents and corresponding treatments (MT477 + analogs)EuropePending5765609.2Pancreatic/Ras Pathway
Therapeutic agents and corresponding treatments (MT477)ChinaNovember 23, 2011CN No. 867517Pancreatic/Ras Pathway

Media/Press Releases

Media/Press Releases



Medisyn Technologies, Inc. an emerging stage biotechnology company focused on discovering new treatments for cancer, infectious diseases and Alzheimer's disease.

Key investors include:

Atlas Capital Partners
AC Partners portfolio is focused on early stage and emerging growth companies that are in various areas of innovation. They do not specialize in a single market vertical, but instead look for entrepreneurs with a proven product that is post-revenue, on the verge of rapid growth, and possesses a defensible competitive advantage. They specifically seek opportunities where human capital can add significant value. Their portfolio reflects a personal mission to leave the world in a better place than it was found.





Sherpa Partners, LLC
Sherpa Partners, LLC is a Minneapolis-based venture capital firm focused on early-stage companies in the Upper Midwest. We have decades of personal experience in the high-altitude, rarified air of new enterprises. As experienced operational managers, we are investing time, energy and money to help Midwest-based emerging technology companies create the strategies, systems, infrastructure and management teams to become leaders in their markets.

Portage Capital
Portage Capital, run by Brad Lehrman and Beatrice Rothweiler, is a business and venture capital consulting firm specializing in emerging growth companies at critical stages of development.

StarTec Investments, LLC
StarTec Investments, LLC. is a private venture capital firm founded in 1998 by Joy J. Lindsay and Thomas J. McLeod, Sr. The primary investment focus of StarTec is early-stage technology companies located in Minnesota.

Proceeds from future financing will be used to increase the discovery and testing of promising lead drug candidates. Medisyn already has multiple patent-pending therapeutic compounds in its portfolio for license to pharmaceutical partners.

If you are interested in funding opportunities and learning more about Medisyn's technology, please contact us.