Forward Engineering™ is broadly applicable for bioactive compound discovery. The requirements are simple:

  • Train using existing compounds with experimental data for the desired bioactivity
  • Screen using structure databases of synthetic, natural, or de novo compounds (as broad or narrow as desired)
  • Test selected compounds in one or more assays for both active and inactive activity
  • Iterate model(s) until lead compound(s) identified for commercial development (usually within 2-4 iterations based on complexity)

The original proof-of-concept was with the National Cancer Institute with a challenge to identify novel compounds inhibiting specific cells using data from their Developmental Therapeutics Program. Within 10 weeks, Medisyn was able to train a model for H-226 (human lung squamous carcinoma), screen a database of 60,000 structures and identified 3 compounds for testing in the NCI screening assay. One of those compounds advanced showing inhibition activity against H-226 and other lung cancer cell lines. Since then, Medisyn has broadened its scope to many other disease and application areas. 

  • Our natural products capability has allowed us to explore the unique bioactivity profiles found in nature
  • Our compound repurposing capability enables us to profile existing or failed drugs and other compounds for additional bioactivity
  • Our de novo design capability allows us to take structure fragments and quickly explore additional compositions 

Today Medisyn offers programs in pharmaceutical, food & beverage, animal health and agribusiness. Customers have used Forward Engineering™ to expand knowledge and find new commercial opportunities.

The following describes only a fraction of what Forward Engineering™ can do for you.