Innovative food and beverage companies seeking to enter or compete in the functional foods driven health and wellness market recognize that they must invest in new research and development capabilities. While R&D departments of traditional food and beverage companies are well equipped to perform taste and sensory testing, shelf life enhancement and manufacturing process research,  they are not yet ready to perform the discovery and development functions requisite to functional ingredient development.

Medisyn has developed models for use in common food additive applications as well as functional foods and has experience in identifying natural compounds useful for commercialization. Medisyn can deliver custom discovery projects based on your specific requirements. Contact us if you have discovery needs in any of the following areas:

    • Natural Alternatives to Food Additives
      • Antioxidants
      • Preservatives
      • Flavors/Enhancers
      • Sweeteners/Enhancers
      • Other Taste/Enhancers
    • Functional Foods
      • Energy
      • Satiety
      • Glycemic Control
      • Others