Medisyn Technologies develops pre-qualified proprietary drug compounds. Our platform, Forward Engineering™, is focused on predicting the behavior of molecules from their topology (structural characteristics). We can analyze and optimize currently existing drugs or develop new drug candidates for our partners and ourselves.

Our breakthrough in silico (computer) technology helps our clients design new or improved drug candidates faster and more effectively than they can themselves. We also provide testing and analysis services to predict safety (the ADME/Toxicity properties) and efficacy of compounds. Our predictive accuracy is greater than 85% for bioactive compound identification - a truly phenomenal accomplishment.

Pharmaceutical companies spend $50 Billion annually in research and development of new drugs. On average, these companies are screening 400,000 compound candidates just to get to a single commercially viable drug. The average cost of the current process is over $800 million per drug.

By utilizing Medisyn's Forward Engineering™ technology, pharmaceutical companies can save up to 9 years and $300 Million in traditional research and development costs per drug developed. Over the past year alone, Medisyn's platform has produced patent-pending compounds for disease treatments or health promotion in multiple therapeutic areas.