Kraft Foods Licenses Portfolio Of New Ingredients

Innovations Could Benefit Health and Wellness; 
Latest Example of Kraft Foods’ Open Innovation Strategy in Action

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, April 25, 2011 - In an announcement today, Medisyn Technologies,Inc. said that Kraft Foods has entered into a licensing agreement for a portfolio of novel ingredients that have been uncovered during a two year collaboration between the two companies. The compounds may provide benefits for health and wellness.  For Kraft Foods, the collaboration is part of a larger open innovation strategy to seek outside innovators and more quickly meet the latest consumer needs and market opportunities.

Medisyn has been engaged in a research and licensing collaboration with Kraft Foods since December 2008 to discover effective bioactive ingredients suitable for use in foods. The work has utilized Medisyn’s Forward Engineering™ technology platform to identify, analyze and optimize promising bioactive compounds.  Medisyn’s technology can accurately predict how a compound will behave based on its structure, greatly streamlining the discovery and development of new ingredients. In May 2010, Kraft Foods expanded its relationship with Medisyn to include work in product quality, performance and food safety in addition to the original assignment in health and wellness.

David Land, President and CEO of Medisyn Technologies said “This is a significant milestone for Medisyn and it demonstrates how technology can be a powerful tool in the discovery of new compounds that can provide important health and wellness benefits. Kraft Foods is an amazing partner and we are fortunate to enjoy the full support of the company’s scientific team. We look forward to continuing our work with them.”  

Medisyn has deployed its technology to help leading healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical, food, animal health and agri-business companies to discover new compounds that can enhance health or treat disease.

Mount Sinai School Of Medicine and Medisyn Discover Novel Compounds for Alzheimer's Treatment

Animal Studies Show Novel Compounds Limit Beta-Amyloid Production and Reduce Beta-Amyloid Aggregation Implicated in Neurodegeneration

NEW YORK, NY & MINNEAPOLIS, MN, March 3, 2010 - In an announcement today, Mount Sinai School of Medicine (MSSM) and Medisyn Technologies, Inc. said they have identified new
chemical classes of preclinical compounds that may eventually lead to the first effective management of toxic amyloid aggregation and accumulation in the brain— an abnormal biological process long suspected by many researchers to be a major culprit in the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Medisyn’sForward Engineering™ technology and Dr. Giulio Maria Pasinetti at MSSM have identified eight novel drug leads from new chemical classes not previously associated with Alzheimer’s disease treatment. All eight leads have significant in vitro results when tested for β-amyloid lowering and anti-aggregation activity. 

β-amyloid is an aberrant protein fragment cleaved from a normal human protein called the amyloid precursor protein (APP). In a healthy brain, these protein fragments are broken down and eliminated. In Alzheimer's disease patients, soluble β-amyloid peptides   accumulate in high molecular weight oligomers, compromising healthy brain neurons and ultimately influencing their functions. 

Two of these drug leads have been tested in vivo and effectively lower the amount of β-amyloid in the brain. They also lower the presence of aggregated β-amyloid (high molecular weight oligomers) that is generally implicated in cognitive deterioration. Current published research suggests that compounds able to reduce β-amyloid and its oligomerization into toxic species might postpone brain degeneration, if not prevent it.

“This work represents an entirely new approach to developing drugs for Alzheimer’s treatment,” explained Dr. Giulio Maria Pasinetti, Saunders Professor of Neurology, Director of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine Center of Excellence in Novel Approaches to Neurotherapeutics in Alzheimer’s Disease, and Director of the Center of Excellence in Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Alzheimer’s Disease Research.  “With Medisyn’s help, we have made significant progress towards the goal of finding novel compounds to lower β-amyloid in the brain and reduce its aggregation into toxic high molecular weight species. Based on what we have observed in animal studies,” Dr. Pasinetti explained, “it appears that we may have achieved a combined functional effect that lowers the amyloid load in the brain and reduces the amount of high molecular weight aggregates. Although the project is early in the process of developing an eventual therapeutic, the findings so far are very exciting and we are eager to study further,” Dr. Giulio Maria Pasinetti said.
The studies were conducted at the MSSM Center of Excellence in Novel Approaches to Neurotherapeutics in Alzheimer’s Disease in New York, directed by Dr. Giulio Maria Pasinetti.  The Center of Excellence is nationally renowned, offering comprehensive translational research dedicated to the study and treatment of both normal aging and Alzheimer’s disease.  

Today’s announcement follows two-years of collaboration between MSSM and Medisyn to identify drug therapies in new chemical classes that could be candidates for the first disease modifying drugs for Alzheimer’s treatment. There are presently no FDA-approved treatments to prevent onset or progression of this devastating disease. Drugs approved for use currently treat only the symptoms of the disease, and only for a limited time. 

“Historically, researchers have been discouraged by the high failure rate of many promising Alzheimer’s treatments,” said David Land, President of Medisyn Technologies. “We are applying our technology to help improve that success/failure ratio by taking much of the guesswork out of the drug discovery process. We have collaborated closely with Dr. Giulio Maria Pasinetti at Mount Sinai to identify the most promising functional signatures to carry forward into a pipeline of new drug candidates. Together, we have identified eight compounds in eight new chemical classes that appear to have the combined functional benefits we sought,” he said. “That’s very encouraging progress in such a challenging therapeutic field.”

Medisyn’s Forward EngineeringTM technology platform compresses drug discovery time from years to months, improves the accuracy of lead identification and vastly reduces the cost of developing a new drug, which today can run into hundreds of millions of dollars. Medisyn works with academic partners like MSSM to discover promising drug candidates for diseases with unmet therapeutic needs. Once those leads have been identified and validated in vivo, Medisyn secures outside funding or a partnership with a pharmaceutical company to develop and commercialize the drug. 

The next phase of the MSSM/Medisyn collaboration involves pre-clinical evaluation of the eight compounds to measure efficacy and toxicity. 

Alzheimer’s: A Steep Decline in Health & Steady Rise in Prevalence

According to various estimates, Alzheimer’s disease affects between 4-5.2 million Americans with another 5 million suffering from early-stage disease. Almost 10 percent of people over 65 in the U.S. have Alzheimer’s; that prevalence jumps to nearly 50 percent of individuals 85 and over. 

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia but is not considered a normal part of aging. According to the Alzheimer’s Foundation, we can expect the prevalence of Alzheimer’s to jump dramatically by 2050 to between 11.3-16 million cases. There are no FDA-approved treatments to stop or reverse progression of the disease. The cost of caring for the current Alzheimer’s population is estimated to be $100 billion per year.

About Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Located in Manhattan, Mount Sinai School of Medicine (MSSM) is internationally recognized for ground-breaking clinical and basic-science research, and innovative approaches to medical education. Through the Mount Sinai Graduate School of Biological Sciences, Mount Sinai trains biomedical researchers with an emphasis on the rapid translation of discoveries of basic research into new health science related products. For example, there are 18 products on the market based on MSSM technology and there are seven products based on MSSM technology in clinical development. In addition, 11 companies have been founded based on MSSM technology.

Further indication of Mount Sinai’s leadership in scientific investigation is its receipt during fiscal year 2009 of $252 million in grant funding. Mount Sinai now ranks 18th among the nation’s medical schools in receipt of research support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH.)  Mount Sinai School of Medicine also is known for unique educational programs such as the Humanities in Medicine program, which creates opportunities for liberal arts students to pursue medical school. Long dedicated to improving its community, the School extends its boundaries to work with East Harlem and surrounding communities to provide access to health care and educational programs to at risk populations.

MD Biosciences and Medisyn Announce Agreement to Discover Novel Therapeutics for Inflammatory and Neurology Diseases

Zurich, Switzerland/Minneapolis, USA, October 24, 2006 - MD Biosciences and Medisyn Technologies announced today a discovery collaboration for the development of small molecules targeting inflammatory and neurological diseases. The collaboration is based on the discovery technology platforms available at each company and will serve to develop pre-clinically validated lead compounds within joint and airway inflammations as well as Multiple Sclerosis, pain relief and Parkinson’s Disease. 

During the initial phase of the collaboration, MD Biosciences will apply its expertise in defining ideal drug characteristics targeted at the different diseases. Medisyn Technologies will use these definitions in its proprietary Forward EngineeringTM algorithms to predict and generate molecules that contain the desired properties as possible lead candidates. In parallel, Medisyn’s suite of predictive ADME and toxicity models will also pre-qualify lead candidates for useful “drug-like” characteristics relating to safety and efficacy. MD Biosciences will then use its Senerga® Mode of Action platform and ImmuneProfilerTM technologies to further evaluate the immunomodulatory properties and mechanism of action of the predicted compounds. Traditional and innovative disease models will also be used to evaluate efficacy in targeted diseases and selected lead compounds will advance into further preclinical development. Validated and characterized lead compounds will be out-licensed to pharmaceutical companies for further clinical development. Commercialization rights will be shared equally between MD Biosciences and Medisyn Technologies. 

Dr Eddie Moradian, Chief Executive of MD Biosciences said, “We are extremely pleased to establish this collaboration with Medisyn Technologies. The combination of Medisyn’s bioinformatics platform together with the cutting-edge inflammation and neurology discovery platforms at MD Biosciences creates a flexible, powerful and highly efficient team capable of identifying, discovering and validating novel compounds of interest to the pharmaceutical industry.” 

“We are very optimistic about achieving a fruitful strategic partnership,” said David Land, President of Minneapolis-based Medisyn Technologies. "By combining the core competencies of Medisyn's proven Forward EngineeringTM discovery engine with MD Biosciences' advanced pre-clinical assays and therapeutic expertise, we anticipate the efficient creation of a diverse pre-clinical pipeline of validated drug candidates for treating pain and inflammation.” 

About MD Biosciences

MD Biosciences, established in 1999 is a privately held company providing advanced products and contract preclinical discovery services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Based near Zürich, Switzerland, the company employs proprietary methods and disease models, including the Senerga® Mode of Action Platform and ImmuneProfilerTM to accurately determine the mode of action of drugs. The company operates its Inflammation Discovery Services laboratories in Glasgow, Scotland; its Neurology Discovery Services laboratories in Israel; and its In Vitro Services and Development Laboratories in St Paul, MN, USA. The available technology platforms and expertise serve to accelerate the drug development process in the preclinical phase. 

Dr. Christopher Lipinski, Creator of "Rule of Five", to Advise Medisyn

Lipinski Joins Medisyn’s Blue-Chip Scientific Advisory Board to Focus on High Profile Applications for Medisyn’s Forward EngineeringTM Technology Platform

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, May 18, 2006 - Medisyn Technologies, Inc. said today that Dr. Christopher Lipinski—the world-renowned scientist and author of the pharmaceutical industry standard “Rule of Five” analysis—will join the Company as a Scientific Advisor and Consultant. 

Dr. Lipinski, who retired recently as Senior Research Fellow at Pfizer Global R&D, has been honored by the American Chemical Society for his groundbreaking “Rule of Five” analysis. Since its publication in 1997, Lipinski’s “Rule of Five” has emerged as a critical filter for drug development programs by helping to raise awareness about properties and structural features that make molecules more or less drug-like. A simple algorithm that helps to identify successful drug candidates, the “Rule-of-Five” is widely accepted within scientific circles as a landmark contribution to drug development. 

Currently, Dr. Lipinski serves as a scientific advisor to the Global Alliance for TB Drug Development, Melior Discovery, and the Matrical Company and is a consultant for the Hereditary Disease Foundation. He also is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and a winner of numerous scientific awards and professional citations. 

According to Medisyn’s president, David Land, “Since our first meeting, Chris has expressed a strong interest in Medisyn’s technology and its potential to significantly improve drug discovery,” Land said. “Our Board of Directors is delighted that Chris has agreed to work with Medisyn on specific projects that will showcase the exceptional capabilities of Medisyn’s Forward Engineering platform,” Land added. 

There is a significant, unmet need for new drug lead candidates in the pharmaceutical industry. Currently, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are battling patent expirations and are struggling to improve drug development productivity which today is a costly and time-consuming process with no guaranteed success. Dr. Lipinski said he sees Medisyn’s technology as potentially providing significant unrealized value to medicinal chemistry in very important but historically challenging tasks such as the choice of the best chemical series for optimization against difficult targets. "I really hope that I can assist Medisyn in developing the retrospective "killer case histories" for the value of this technology in solving the historically very difficult medicinal chemistryproblems posed by many of the really biologically exciting but chemically difficult new drug targets".

Medisyn Inks Multiyear Agreement with Humanetics

Alliance Opens New Market for Medisyn and Expands Humanetics’ Ability to Deliver Non-Prescription Oral Agents

MINNETONKA, MN, October 20, 2005 - Medisyn Technologies, Inc., a drug discovery company, and Humanetics, a Twin Cities-based biotechnology company, today announced that they have entered into a multi-year strategic alliance. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed. 

The two companies will work together to accelerate the discovery and development of natural, non-prescription compounds focused on disease prevention. The contract calls for Medisyn to provide an exclusive pipeline of natural compounds to Humanetics and for Humanetics to invest in the requisite clinical development program to gain FDA approval for qualified disease prevention claims. 

The alliance opens a new market niche for Medisyn that offers the advantage of a faster time-to-market than traditional new drug development and thus provides nearer-term revenue potential for the company. Humanetics gains access to Medisyn’s Fast Forward Engineering® platform-- the company’s proprietary technology that significantly increases the accuracy and speed with which new compounds are discovered. The access to Medisyn’s proprietary methodology greatly enhances Humanetics’ ability to develop protectable, efficacious and safe, oral agents—a central goal for Humanetics. 

According to Medisyn’s President, David Land, “For Medisyn, this alliance is all about applying our Fast Forward Engineering technology in a new market niche that offers a vastly compressed timeframe for bringing qualified products to market.” Land added “Medisyn’s entry into natural, non-prescription therapeutics is being launched in parallel with the company’s existing development work for traditional pharmaceutical customers.” Medisyn currently is working with both pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to sharpen and streamline their discovery initiatives, primarily in cancer treatment. The company also is engaged in a long-term collaborative research project with the University of Minnesota’s Academic Health Center. 

A Faster Path and Better Candidates
Both Medisyn and Humanetics hope that by creating a constant stream of pre-qualified compounds, Humanetics can both accelerate and broaden its product development pipeline. The first areas of focus for partnership will be to identify compounds that can offer safe, natural therapeutic options in the areas of obesity, immune system and cognitive function.  

The process of developing science-based solutions requires independent validation, including FDA review and approval, in order to make specific qualified health claims. Humanetics is committed to support this effort with rigorous clinical trials that measure the safety and effectiveness of each natural compound in achieving a specific disease prevention benefit.  

By working together, Medisyn hopes to quickly identify a larger pool of better-qualified candidates—enabling Humanetics to advance these through clinical trials and the FDA review process. 

“Our success depends, in part, on our ability to validate the health benefits of our products through clinical trials,” explained John Dykstra, Chief Operating Officer at Humanetics. “Medisyn will provide an ongoing selection of compounds that we know meet certain specifications and have a higher probability of being effective,” he said. “This partnership is unique in our market space and should provide us with a significant competitive advantage for accelerating our discovery process,” he added. 

About Humanetics Corporation
Founded in 1988, Humanetics Corporation is a privately held biotechnology company focused on providing proprietary, science-based solutions to consumer health and aging concerns. Based in the Minneapolis metropolitan area, Humanetics pursues this mission through the discovery, development and commercialization of naturally occurring, nonprescription oral agents focused on disease prevention. For more information, visit 

About Medisyn Technologies
Medisyn Technologies is a unique drug design and discovery company that uses proprietary technology to make drug discovery faster, more predictable and less expensive. Based on molecular topology, Medisyn’s Forward EngineeringTM platform enables the discovery and design of novel, diverse and unexpected compounds that meet exact parameters for a specific therapeutic use. By compressing design and discovery time from years to weeks and optimizing lead candidates, Medisyn’s novel approach enables drug discovery customers to reduce risk, improve probability of success and control costs associated with the traditional lead discovery process. The company is initially focused on treating cancer and is currently completing pre-clinical validation of MT103, a promising lead candidate for non-small cell lung cancer. It has an additional 26 anti-cancer compounds in varying stages of development. Medisyn Technologies is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. For more information about Medisyn Technologies, visit the company’s website at: or call 952.475.8084. 

Pam Pettinella  

Medisyn Receives 2004 Tekne Award for Emerging Biotechnology

Tekne Awards honor key leaders and innovators in Minnesota technology industries

Minnetonka, MN, November 12, 2004 - Medisyn Technologies, a pioneer in rapid drug design, was named the recipient of the Emerging Biotechnology category at the 2004 Tekne Awards held at the Minneapolis Convention Center on November 9. The Tekne Awards recognize Minnesota’s outstanding technology achievements and leaders. "We are thrilled and honored to have earned a Tekne Award," said David Land, President, Medisyn Technologies. "Tekne is the premier technology event in Minnesota, so receiving this kind of business community recognition is incredibly motivating for the Medisyn team and the many company supporters." 

Sponsored jointly by The Minnesota High Tech Association (MHTA) and Minnesota Technology, Inc. (MTI) – and in partnership with Medical Alley, MNBIO and Minnesota Project Innovation – the Tekne Awards recognize technology innovators and leaders who have made lasting contributions to enhancing the quality of life and competitiveness of Minnesota. 

“Earning a Tekne Award is a strong indicator of achievement and leadership in Minnesota’s competitive technology sectors,” said Dr. Wayne Pletcher, president & CEO, Minnesota Technology, Inc. “We’re very proud to honor homegrown successes like Medisyn, because its efforts help strengthen our entire industry, adding to the success of our business environment and our state’s economy.” 

This year’s Tekne Awards were emceed by WCCO television anchor Don Shelby. “Since we first started this program five years ago, it has grown to become a respected honor for our state’s technology innovators and leaders,” said Kate Rubin, president, Minnesota High Tech Association. “All of our 2004 Tekne Award recipients and finalists are living proof of the vital, thriving technology climate here in Minnesota.” 

Tekne Awards are separated into emerging and established company categories recognizing the best and brightest in innovation, development, education, commercialization and management of technology in Minnesota. This year’s awards featured 51 finalists in 17 categories. A list of all recipients and finalists is available online at 

About Minnesota High Tech Association (MHTA) 
The Minnesota High Tech Association (MHTA) accelerates the growth, success and sustainability of Minnesota's technology-based economy through public policy advocacy, member collaboration and education, and community outreach. MHTA is the only membership organization that represents Minnesota’s entire technology-based economy. MHTA members include organizations of every size − involved in virtually every aspect of technology creation, production, application and education in Minnesota. MHTA works in partnership with AeA, which represents Minnesota's technology organizations nationally. Find out more online at 

About Minnesota Technology Inc. (MTI) 
Minnesota Technology Inc. (MTI) is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization with the mission of helping its business customers gain competitive advantages, supporting their growth, and contributing to Minnesota’s economic vitality. MTI fulfills this work through a statewide staff of expert professionals who have tested expertise across a wide variety of business, technology, manufacturing, engineering, publishing and research disciplines. Over the last three years, MTI has helped nearly 2,000 Minnesota companies and made a significant economic impact. It helped create and retain over 2,500 jobs, saved its clients more than $70 million, and helped generate $80 million in new technology investments. For more information visit 

About Medisyn Technologies
Medisyn Technologies is a unique drug design and discovery company that uses proprietary technology to make drug discovery faster, more predictable and less expensive. Based on molecular topology, Medisyn’s Forward EngineeringTM platform enables the discovery and design of novel, diverse and unexpected compounds that meet exact parameters for a specific therapeutic use. By compressing design and discovery time from years to weeks and optimizing lead candidates, Medisyn’s novel approach enables drug discovery customers to reduce risk, improve probability of success and control costs associated with the traditional lead discovery process. The company is initially focused on treating cancer and is currently completing pre-clinical validation of MT103, a promising lead candidate for non-small cell lung cancer. It has an additional 26 anti-cancer compounds in varying stages of development. Medisyn Technologies is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. For more information about Medisyn Technologies, visit the company’s website at: or call 952.475.8084. 

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