Innovations Could Benefit Health and Wellness; 
Latest Example of Kraft Foods’ Open Innovation Strategy in Action

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, April 25, 2011 - In an announcement today, Medisyn Technologies,Inc. said that Kraft Foods has entered into a licensing agreement for a portfolio of novel ingredients that have been uncovered during a two year collaboration between the two companies. The compounds may provide benefits for health and wellness.  For Kraft Foods, the collaboration is part of a larger open innovation strategy to seek outside innovators and more quickly meet the latest consumer needs and market opportunities.

Medisyn has been engaged in a research and licensing collaboration with Kraft Foods since December 2008 to discover effective bioactive ingredients suitable for use in foods. The work has utilized Medisyn’s Forward Engineering™ technology platform to identify, analyze and optimize promising bioactive compounds.  Medisyn’s technology can accurately predict how a compound will behave based on its structure, greatly streamlining the discovery and development of new ingredients. In May 2010, Kraft Foods expanded its relationship with Medisyn to include work in product quality, performance and food safety in addition to the original assignment in health and wellness.

David Land, President and CEO of Medisyn Technologies said “This is a significant milestone for Medisyn and it demonstrates how technology can be a powerful tool in the discovery of new compounds that can provide important health and wellness benefits. Kraft Foods is an amazing partner and we are fortunate to enjoy the full support of the company’s scientific team. We look forward to continuing our work with them.”  

Medisyn has deployed its technology to help leading healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical, food, animal health and agri-business companies to discover new compounds that can enhance health or treat disease.