Zurich, Switzerland/Minneapolis, USA, October 24, 2006 - MD Biosciences and Medisyn Technologies announced today a discovery collaboration for the development of small molecules targeting inflammatory and neurological diseases. The collaboration is based on the discovery technology platforms available at each company and will serve to develop pre-clinically validated lead compounds within joint and airway inflammations as well as Multiple Sclerosis, pain relief and Parkinson’s Disease. 

During the initial phase of the collaboration, MD Biosciences will apply its expertise in defining ideal drug characteristics targeted at the different diseases. Medisyn Technologies will use these definitions in its proprietary Forward EngineeringTM algorithms to predict and generate molecules that contain the desired properties as possible lead candidates. In parallel, Medisyn’s suite of predictive ADME and toxicity models will also pre-qualify lead candidates for useful “drug-like” characteristics relating to safety and efficacy. MD Biosciences will then use its Senerga® Mode of Action platform and ImmuneProfilerTM technologies to further evaluate the immunomodulatory properties and mechanism of action of the predicted compounds. Traditional and innovative disease models will also be used to evaluate efficacy in targeted diseases and selected lead compounds will advance into further preclinical development. Validated and characterized lead compounds will be out-licensed to pharmaceutical companies for further clinical development. Commercialization rights will be shared equally between MD Biosciences and Medisyn Technologies. 

Dr Eddie Moradian, Chief Executive of MD Biosciences said, “We are extremely pleased to establish this collaboration with Medisyn Technologies. The combination of Medisyn’s bioinformatics platform together with the cutting-edge inflammation and neurology discovery platforms at MD Biosciences creates a flexible, powerful and highly efficient team capable of identifying, discovering and validating novel compounds of interest to the pharmaceutical industry.” 

“We are very optimistic about achieving a fruitful strategic partnership,” said David Land, President of Minneapolis-based Medisyn Technologies. "By combining the core competencies of Medisyn's proven Forward EngineeringTM discovery engine with MD Biosciences' advanced pre-clinical assays and therapeutic expertise, we anticipate the efficient creation of a diverse pre-clinical pipeline of validated drug candidates for treating pain and inflammation.” 

About MD Biosciences

MD Biosciences, established in 1999 is a privately held company providing advanced products and contract preclinical discovery services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Based near Zürich, Switzerland, the company employs proprietary methods and disease models, including the Senerga® Mode of Action Platform and ImmuneProfilerTM to accurately determine the mode of action of drugs. The company operates its Inflammation Discovery Services laboratories in Glasgow, Scotland; its Neurology Discovery Services laboratories in Israel; and its In Vitro Services and Development Laboratories in St Paul, MN, USA. The available technology platforms and expertise serve to accelerate the drug development process in the preclinical phase.